Lawsuits and other fun stuff

A lot of you have been asking about the legal suits and the status of the Twitter harassment account. The lawsuits are still in process but I am going for legal charges more then money. I feel a long jail sentence is a much better punishment and she wont be able to harass other people like she is doing now. A friend of mine told me she has moved on and is now harassing several other people. I told her to have those people contact me and I will give them my attorneys name so he can talk to them and collect their evidence. I also filed charges here in Arizona so if she sets foot in this state she will be arrested for cyber-stalking. I encourage all of you to file police charges against her and talk to the prosecutor about taking her to trial. All the evidence I have seen is the same type of harassing, doxing and jealousy that she has done to multiple performers. She also tried to tell SM that another performer ran those harassment accounts, but she forgets Google, Twitter and other companies have security teams that can find you even with a google number or fake ip address.  So thankfully that will also be in evidence in court and my attorney and the FBI watch he social media accounts and take screenshots of what she posts. Apparently she reads my blog and social media because her postings are the exact same things I said about her months ago and now she tries to say that about me. I dont think she has one original bone in her body, its actually pretty sad.  She doesnt have a case against me or anyone else since she started all of this against strangers. So dont let her bully you because she has no money, she doesnt have an attorney and she has no case against anyone. In fact I can also ask for charges for her fake GoFund since my attorney can prove its a fraud account since everything she posted in the story is everything she did and not me. Dont let her bully you guys, she lied about cease and desist letters, she lied about having her attorney get people and shes lying again to try to scam people out of money. She likes to rack up felonies I guess. Anyways if she has harassed you, contact me and I will help you with an attorney, filing police charges and anything else that you need. You have support and you have legal recourse