Whos happy for February?

It seems that spring weather is upon us in the Phoenix metro area already. I am so happy to be over that damn cold and be able to spend some time outside in the amazing weather. I have a lot of yard work to catch up on and frankly I love doing it. I also want to start a garden and soon we have to start reseeding the yard. Lots of stuff to do but all if it will be fun stuff. I also went back to night time camming, phone, texting, etc because I want to enjoy this awesome weather before summer is here. I will be on around 4 pm mt and stay on until at least midnight mt. if you check out my Twitter, the pinned tweet has all the links to the sites Im on. I have them listed on here as well, so be sure to check them out. The next few weeks I plan to shoot a bunch of clips for all my clips stores since they sell really well when I actually make them. I haveĀ  along list of what to shoot and I have added your suggestions to that list and will be shooting those as well. I do plan to update my site at least three times a week, Ive been slacking on that sadly but I am changing that.

Health-wise I am feeling amazing. Pretty sure this level of thyroid meds is the right level and I have a lot more energy now which means I am back to working out. Im not starting our hardcore but I will be there in a couple of weeks, I am supposed to work back up to that level. I cant wait to get rid of this last twenty pounds that I still have from the fifty pound weight gain. Sadly the men that like me a bit thicker will just have to go back to loving a leaner me. LOL Team fitness!!! It feels good to actually feel good again, its been a long time coming. Thank you for all the support and love, you have all been amazing and I will always be grateful for that.