Its already February

I cant believe its already February, this year is flying by pretty fast so far. I will be doing some fun Valentines Day stuff for my website and in cam shows. You all know how much I love to shoot videos so I am going to be shooting a bunch for my site and clip sites. I have so many ideas and I always love to see them come to life, plus I like the funds from sales. LOL I cant even lie about that at all. If you want a cam show with me and want to know what Im wearing, check out my Twitter @janeburgessaz  since I shoot a video daily of what Im wearing. As much as I love pictures, its easier and way more fun to shoot a daily video of the outfit I have on. I also need to shoot a sample video for CMD and NiteFlirt

Also thank so many of you customers for your sweet messages about that lame ass review. Yes feel free to go on there and post messages about your experiences with me, it will be taken down but Im leaving it up a bit so those sites can read what she posted. I already heard back from two sites and both sites didnt like that behavior at all and said they will handle it. So ya!!! I know more details but I dont kiss and tell!!! Anyways have an awesome day and know that karma does work in the end