Fake reviews, crazy people and lawsuits oh my

I have met some crazy people in my time but I have to say Katherine Zealy aka Klttykat takes the cake. She was fired from the VA, has a long history of bullying people and makes it her life mission to harass people. She posted a fake review of me on Rip Off report calling me old, fat and other stuff. Kinda funny since she is legit old, fat and wrinkled and a few performers took video of her on SM and shes a good 90 pounds bigger then her pics. The fat rolls were all over her stomach which is why she didnt get one show or one tip. Ask around and a performer will play you the video, but beware its a scary ass sight. I personally find it hilarious since I post new videos on Twitter constantly which prove her insults are 100 percent wrong. Lets see her post a full body video on Twitter, oh wait she cant since she would have so show what she really looks like. Anyway my attorney contacted that site and this morning they confirmed she was in fact the poster of that review. No one is shocked since you can look right at it and match the language to all the shit she has said since the spring. I asked him to contact NiteFlirt, CMD and IndieBill to send them that information and all the things she has done the last year to people. She chose to use their sites to try to harass me, they have a right to see all the information. My attorney wants to sue her which I agree with, but I want to make it a class action lawsuit. I want all of you ladies that she has harassed over the last year to join in. You have evidence of what she did to you, stand up and show her you arent afraid of her. Make her pay financially for all the things she has done. You know my info, contact me and lets get this ball rolling. The FBI is also building a case on her for cyberstalking, so if you want in on that send me a message too. They are also looking at her two side kicks as well, so if they have bothered you feel free to let me know. So Katherine I dont know you, never talked to you and have no idea why you ever felt the need to harass me. I will make sure that you regret that decision every day for the rest of your life and Im really going to push for a jail sentence since thats what you deserve for all the crimes you have committed. I hope Bambi and Leah also prosecute you for the forged legal letters you sent them, thats a felony and a lot of prison time. #ByeFelicia since I know you stalk my blog