2018 news

2017 was one hell of a year for me. I’ve spent since April dealing with Hashimoto’s Disease  and let me tell you, its insane all the things it does to your body. I gained 50 pounds and lost 30 so far and thats after people tried to tell me you cant lose weight. You can but its not easy but weight loss usually isnt. The other 20 will be through a much healthier diet and mild exercise. I dont have the energy yet to go back to a hardcore cardio workout but I cant wait until I can do it again. Right now my levels are still a bit high Im trying a higher dose of medication. Cross your fingers it works for me.

On that note for 2018 I will be working a lot more on my site, clip stores, texting sites, phone and indy sites. You can also buy Skype shows on my store which I will be updating with new items next week. I will still do Streamate but only fetish shows and only occasionally when I feel up to it. Free chat is exhausting and I cant do it hours and hours a day. I wont be making a schedule for there, so you will have to just catch me when you can or buy a Skype show. I’m really excited to put more time into other projects. It will be a lot more financially sound since camming varies so much profit wise on a daily basis and its over-saturated now on all big boxed sites. Plus I just want to explore what I can do if I put my energy into things I have half assed the last year and really watch them grow. I’m just excited to branch out and try new things as well. So thank you so much for taking this crazy online ride with me and here’s to a much better and brighter year.

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