Whats new with me

I have been TERRIBLE about posting on here, I promise to be better at that. I always laugh when you mention that on my site or Twitter that I need to post on here more like I used to. So things have been pretty good with me. As you know I retired from Streamate which was sad but after eight years it felt right. I was a one page performer for eight years, had a contract for six years and always did well on there so really there wasn’t anyway to go higher. I hit all my goals on there so a new challenge is on the horizon. Plus from April to the beginning of September I didn’t do any free chat sites and I honestly loved it and didn’t miss it at all. I think it changed my priorities and proved that I don’t need a big box site to do well financially. Perhaps at some point I might do another site with free chat but I really don’t know when, or if that would be. I’ve had so many people buy Skype shows via my site and join my site since I’ve been focusing more on that. Plus I started making custom video’s again that are selling really well and the phone, texting  and indy sites are rocking. I do promise to be better at making clips, I know a lot of you have asked for them and I will be shooting them all this week. It’s actually nice outside so I will be doing some outdoor clips before it gets cold. I appreciate all of your support no matter what I do and its amazing how many of you will stick with me no matter what.

As for the drama, I turned that all over to the attorney and District Attorney. So please don’t send me screenshots anymore or email me about it, you can send it directly to the lawyer or DA, the info is on my CMD postings. I know they have involved the FBI now since real names and addresses were posted online, which makes it a crime the FBI can now be involved in. I have a conference with them tomorrow, so that should be informative but I wont be able to post on the status of this case from here on end. Just know it will not be dropped, charges will be filed and I offered to testify if they need me. I promised all of you that stepped forward that I would make sure this was prosecuted and I will follow through on that promise. Thank you for your bravery, evidence and wanting to make sure this won’t happen to others. Once its all over with I can update everyone on what happened.

I also cant believe how close Christmas is. Its not even Thanksgiving and everyone is talking about Christmas. I actually have bought about half the gifts I need to get so thats a good start for me. I used to wait until the week before and then have to spend days at the mall which I hated. I plan to have all my shopping done by the second week of December so I can just enjoy the holidays stress free. Im looking forward to decorating my house inside and out and putting up the tree. Heres to enjoying the craziness of the holidays