Exposing the lies about CMD

As many of you know a cam performer named Kltty_Kat has been doing a campaign of terror against multiple cam performers and CMD. I was asked to join a Skype group in the spring and she was a member of that group. I didn’t know her, didn’t talk to her or anything of the such. That group was disbanded a short time and several ladies in the group and I made a new group. We all became really good friends and they are some of the best people that I know. Mind you none of the ladies I know really know Kat, just from conversations here and there. So in the late spring she starts posting about us and making rude comments. Once again I dont know her but she felt the need to post ridiculous things about me on her Twitter. I ignored her for months because she wasnt worth the time and energy to respond. However when she posted a pic of a friend of mine exposing her face to the world, I stepped up. You see my friend doesnt post her face in pics on cam sites and thats her right. However Kat either recorded a cam show or had a member buy a show and give it to her. The pic was a still from a cam show and this performer doesnt cam on free chat sites only Indy sites. There would be no way to get a still of her without being shady. She posted that pic on her Twitter with a bunch of rude comments and exposed that cam performer. So I told Kat on a video I posted on my Twitter to go fuck herself, stop talking about me and to get a fucking life. After that she went insane and threatened me with legal action. Well she actually had her puppet Milfy Monroe post the info on her Twitter so I could see it. Funny since Milfy was friends with everyone in the group and turned on them on a dime because I guess crazy likes to stick with crazy. Milfy even posted a poll if I should be sued and I saw it and 75 percent said no and everyone was laughing at these two clowns. I have a screenshot of the poll and other stuff they said if they try to lie about it. I have no issue posting it to expose them both of the lying bullies they are. These two are such lowlifes they actually posted on Twitter about my younger sister who died in an accident. You have to be a real cunt to try and upset someone by posting that but truthfully I feel sorry for them. My sister was an amazing person, better than those two will ever be in their sorry lives. I have the screenshot of that as well so if they lie I will just post all the screenshots of months of things they have done to harass people.

So Kat threatened legal action on me for telling her off and I had enough. I asked a performer that she sent a Cease and Desist letter to for a copy of it because I wanted to talk to her attorney. I was given the copy of the letter and contacted the attorney. He had no idea what I was talking about and asked me to send him a copy of the Cease and Desist letter. He said that the letter was fake, his office doesnt even do Cease and Desist letters and she took a signature off of a real letter they had and she put it on her Cease and Desist letters. I know for a fact she sent out at least two since I know both the performers she sent them to. So I told Mark at CMD she was sending these out and gave him the lawyers info to confirm the situation. Once he confirmed the situation he fired her right away from CMD because she used their site to harass and send the Cease and Desist letters. Well after he fired her, which I do have proof of that she was fired and didnt quit, she went all crazy and started to accuse Mark the owner of sexual harassment and started a smear campaign against the site. In no way has she ever admitted that she forged legal letters or takes any responsibility for her actions that resulted in her firing. I also found out she has been harassing and threatening the owner of MyFetishCamModels.club for months and Sylvie will verify that information if you ask her. She has made it a pattern to stalk and harass performers and she has made it her mission to stalk and harass Mark and try to destroy his site. I refuse to sit by and watch her try to take down a site many performers depend on for their income. I also refuse to allow her to stalk performers and not say anything. We all need to speak you when we see behavior like this and not just laugh or accept it.

So I posting three emails from her lawyer with permission. This is the lawyer she now claims is sexually abusing her and I sent him the screenshots where she posts his name and says hes a sexual abuser.  Another cam performer that follows her on Twitter was kind enough to send me the info since I blocked her psycho ass months ago. I really hope he and Mark from CMD sue her ass for all the lies she posts about them and I know for a fact the Memphis district attorneys office is now involved because I personally contacted them last week. I made a complaint for the months cyber-stalking and for the fake legal documents she forged and her ex lawyer agreed to verify the situation with district attorneys office. Please do not feed into her lies or believe she is a victim. I have tons of evidence that prove she is a stalker, a liar and shes the abuser. I am starting out with the emails that prove she faked legal documents. I will post other evidence if need be and if any of you have evidence you would like me to post send me the info.

Hit zoom or make the images bigger if you cant read them clearly. Its a lot to get into a picture and I tried to make it as big as possible. Since she herself posted all of these things on her Twitter and other social media sites, I can legally post this since its all true and 100 percent provable in a court of law. You cant have an expectation of privacy when you post for months about people and the world can read it on other public sites. If you have been harassed by her in any way, please contact Mark at mbenfield@appersoncrump.com

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