CMD update

Thank you all for the positive messages and letting me hear from those of you she has also harassed. Be sure to take screenshots of everything she has said about you or keep any message she has ever sent you that is threatening. The same for Milfy Monroe, take pics of her screenshots and send them in as well. They can work with the Canadian police and have her charged there since Canada takes cyberstalking very seriously. You can send all of that to Mark at and you can also contact the District Attorneys Office at (901) 222-1300 I also had to laugh at the messages you sent me. Kat trying to say I forged legal letters to get her into trouble is hilarious. I just happened to know who her attorney was with my amazing powers of ESP and I just happened to have his letterhead on hand. I also just happened to send them via CMD with threatening messages from her Skype. She really needs to come up with better lies and lies that make sense or are believeable. It seems to be the deflection of a desperate woman who knows she messed up and cant lie her way out of this one. I also loved her claim that she contacted the police where I live and the FBI. I however did contact both and filed complaints with both. They said if she does file a false complaint she will be arrested for that and charged. I also gave them the info for her ex attorney who has proof she forged legal documents and the DA who is building a case against her. With the FBI involved it will take the charges to a much higher level.

All of you that she or Milfy  has harassed have legal grounds to sue them both. You should press charges against them in your local area and file a lawsuit against them for harassment and stalking. Do not let them get away with this behavior and do not let them try to intimidate you. Contact me if you need help with talking to to police or need a referral to a couple of adult entertainment lawyers. They have legal contacts in Canada so dont worry that its over the boarder.  They both already know about this case and will gladly help you file a suit or a Cease and Desist, a real legal one. We as an industry can no longer tolerate people like that and they must be prosecuted for their crimes. So please keep taking the screenshots and sending them in yourself or forward them to me and I will send them into the DAs office.