CMD part two

Here are a couple more emails, the best two that I think. One talks about how she has acted like this many times in the past and the other, well read it for yourself. It pretty much proves she is a huge liar and it also validates her firing. She runs around accusing everyone of being jealous of her but she has zero to be jealous of. I think we all have a good chuckle at the jealousy part since Ive seen better looking roadkill and clearly her personality lacks a lot if you have to lie and stalk people. Dont feed into her lies and dont feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for the men that she accuses of sexually assaulting her. Then men that didnt do a thing to her but once she felt slighted by them they are all of a sudden sexual abusers. Feel sorry for the performers she stalked and attacked for no reason other than shes the jealous one. If she had a great work ethic she would be making bank and not filling social media with her rambling bullshit, thats a sign of a person not doing well

Hit zoom or make the images bigger if you cant read them clearly. Its a lot to get into a picture and I tried to make it as big as possible. Since she herself posted all of these things on her Twitter and other social media sites, I can legally post this since its all true and 100 percent provable in a court of law. You cant have an expectation of privacy when you post for months about people and the world can read it on other public sites. If you have been harassed by her in any way, please contact Mark at

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