Time to show the real me again

As many of you know I started out as a fetish performer and than went into adult modeling. That literally blows my mind because I really dont see anything special about me, I just happen to take good pictures I guess. When I started I didnt really think I would make a career out of this. I actually did it because I have always been shy, YES I said shy. I thought it would be good for my anxiety and kind of force me to be social. It turned out that I met the most incredible people along the way but it didnt really help my anxiety. I have an anxiety/panic attack disorder and Im super socially awkward. For a while there I was agoraphobic too and that really sucked. It took a lot of hard work and therapy to overcome that and Im super proud that I did. I’ve always tried to separate it or hide it from my online persona but honestly I just dont give a fuck anymore. Getting diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease in April really opened my eyes and made me realize I dont want to live a life anymore where the real me cant pop out and be weird as fuck. Im not perfect, Im tired of trying to be because people expect or demand it. Im just going to be me, the real me. I am super nerdy, love zombies, love horor flicks, read books (real books, not Kindle crap) dont wear a lot of make-up off line and sometimes dont comb my hair. Oh and I also wear glasses a lot offline and have been super scared to wear them online. So maybe I will break that fear and wear them for cam shows sometimes. Im also scared to death of Gold shows, but I plan to do some this week and confront that fear of failure if I dont hit the goal. The whole point of this posting is to say I am a normal human being. I might look ok with makeup on but I have the same issues that everyone else has. So lets get strange together in a good way