Who owns the camming streaming rights?

Thank you all so much for such wonderful, positive results to my last posting. It is unfortunate that performers feel the need to sit in their miserable rooms and harass other performers. There is no need for it period. If your day is slow try another site, work on video clips, take a break, do something positive with your time. Other performers are NOT the reason you are having a bad day.

People have asked who owns the streaming rights on a cam site. I work mostly on Streamate and in their contract that we all signed, it clearly states they own all the video feeds from streaming on the site. So if you work on another site, look over your contract and see what is says about streaming rights. It makes sense the site would own it since we log in and are using their services. As for free chat, always remember that free chat is a public domain. You dont have the expectation of privacy in free chat. Anyone, without being logged into the site can see you. So make free chat a fun place and make people want to join the site if they arent members.

As a cam performer its always important to read any contract you sign. You need to know your rights and you should never sign anything without reading it first. Most cam sites are really clear in their contracts and if you have a question you can always contact customer support to get clarification. A lot of sites also have a cam performer contact you can always contact for help as well.

I am super blessed to have an amazing lawyer that specializes in the adult industry and knows every single law pertaining to it. If you have legal questions or are in need of a lawyer please contact me and I would be happy to send you a list of wonderful adult entertainment lawyers. Its important to have a lawyer that specializes in this field.

Have a great day, be nice to your fellow performers and make lots of money.