Performer harassment

Performers harassing other performers seem to be a very common occurrence that cam sites seem to ignore. If I am camming on a cam site I shouldnt have to worry about another performer talking about me freely in their chat room and encouraging customers to come harass me. I find that to be disgusting, cruel and frankly you need to be fired over that. I cant tell you how many times I have seen performers upset and crying over another performer going out of their way to be a dick to them. You dont have to like someone but you have zero reason to try and sabotage their work place. That is a cunt move and yes, you are a cunt if you do that. People need that job to pay their bills and support their family and they don’t need your needless, jealous drama.

Its one reason why I am pushing phone, texting, video clips and indy cam sites a lot more than I used to. With a thyroid issue and anxiety I dont need the stress of someone behaving like this. Also free chat in general can be stressful with rude, freeloaders annoyed they cant have free everything. There are a lot of cam sites to work on and a lot of sites that dont tolerate this behavior. As performers we should be supporting each other and fighting privacy, freeloaders and the other ridiculous stuff that comes with the job.

I am posting these screen shots because its important to not tolerate this behavior by Cammi_Cams and she has been reported to the site by several people last week and today she was doing the same exact stuff. Today a video was taken of her telling people the site sucked and only paid her 35 percent and to go to her token site because they pay 50 percent. She also tells customers the other performers are fake and rip them off on a daily basis. Thats on a video that was sent into the site. We as performers need to take a stand on this kind of behavior and make sites discipline performers for this behavior. We have a right to a safe work place, a right to not be harassed and a right to make money with our hard work.

If you as a customer engage in this kind of behavior, you are an asshole. You shouldnt want to do shows with a performer that acts like this but calls themselves real. You customers also need to take a stand and stop trying to pit performers against each other and stop engaging in bully behavior. A whole lot of growing up needs to be done by so called adults.

To be fair I did talk to this performer about this issue and she said she isnt sorry and that it’s the fault of fake performers. Even today another performer took a video of her once again calling other performers fake, telling customer they are being ripped off and thats shes the only real performer on there. I didnt post this lightly but I cant also ignore this time of damaging behavior. Cam sites are stressful as is and this is not the kind of performer any site should want to be associated with.

Images removed, per DMCA take down was finally written properly. It took Cammi_Cams 6 failed, incorrectly formatted DMCA notices, plus I incorrectly requested notice to finally find the copyright holder of the screencaps, Streamate. Per amended DMCA with Streamate asserting their rights, the screencaps have been removed. However the screencaps are posted on other blogs, social media and passed around from performer to performer. The lesson here is dont sit in your room and be a hag and talk badly about everyone because you are a miserable person. Dont go cry to Streamate about how awful this is when you brought it all on yourself by being a tool to people you dont even know. The only fake person is you trying to cover your ass now that everyone saw how awful you really are as a person. Grow up. Thank you Streamate for being so cool about this and Im sorry for any drama you suffered from her crying to get this blog posting down.

If you have any potential copyright infringement issues, I’d probably find someone other than to help you. Corey Silverstein law is quite good. Here is Corey’s link