Hello, I have been sick

People keep asking where I have been and why I havent been on free sites much. The last few weeks I have been sick with a double kidney infection. I havent felt that great, the meds didnt work and I am kinda bloated. I am on new meds that I hope are working and will find out if they are working on Tuesday. If they dont work I will have to get an damn iv put in and I HATE needles with a passion. So please pray for me and that these meds are working. Also if you have bad back or side pain for a few days, please see your doctor. Theres a good change its kidney related.

I also wanted to point out that we are real people with real problems. We get sick too and have a personal life as well. If I was thinner three weeks ago and now Im kinda bloated common sense would say its a medical issue and not permanent weight gain. Sometimes people in free chat are pretty rude, which is why I am skipping most of it until this is better. I dont live just to be your stroke off material, I have other things I do in life as well. Sorry to be blunt but Im kinda tired of the attitude I get from people that think they own us. I can change my hair color if I want, I can cut my hair, I can be pale, I can be tanned, I can be whoever I want to be. If you dont like that you can find a new person to do shows with. My happiness is a priority to me and I wont change for a guy that buys maybe one show a month.

So thats whats going on with me. I’ve always been an open book and will continue to do so.