So many changes are coming

Today when I was at Pier 54 eating, which is by a pretty lake, I started to think about things. I realized that I am NOT happy working on Streamate anymore, I cringe anytime I log on. I haven’t been happy on there for a long time but I am loyal and had hoped they would work on things. Instead of fixing the major glitches they keep choosing to have contests which is really ridiculous because their traffic is way down. Plus if there are issues CS usually blames the performers for the issues and I think that’s a crock of shit. There have been glitches ever since Gold shows were brought out and in three years you should have the time and funds to fix your site. The lack of traffic is due to cheapening out your site and allowing dirt cheap rates, $0 gold shows and the selling of content. That might work for a token site but it will never work for a non token site. All it will bring your site is cheap customers and thats what happened to Streamate. I honestly feel relieved that I made the choice to not be on there anymore and can focus my attention on my indy and phone sites. So if you bought shows on Streamate from me, check out my webcam page on here to see what sites I will be working on.

I am rebuilding my whole site and will be relaunching it in September. I did need to take a break from shooting for health reasons, but I am happy to be back and shooting again at the end of this month. I really missed shooting and being highly creative in what I shot. I already have a ton of ideas and look forward to shooting them and sharing them with you. Along with my site I will be working more on my store JaneBurgessStore I plan to shoot a lot of clips to sell and Im working on my SnapChat so it will be private and only paid members can see it. Just have to read the rules to see how naughty I can be. LOL

I have been slacking on working out as well. I am usually tired and I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease which causes a slew of issues. Hopefully working out again and changing my whole diet will be a start and I will be feeling much better in no time.  I pretty much have to cut out all dairy and go Gluten free, wish me luck on that. I am so going to need it.

I think all of these changes will be so good for me. I already have an anxiety disorder and getting rid of so many things that are stressful will be amazing. Never be afraid to make a change, it usually works out for the best int he long run and your happiness should be a top priority. Im making mine a top priority again and I already feel so happy about it.