Fuck you and your entitlement attitude

Dear freeloaders,

Everyone in porn is sick of your shit. No one owes you free nudity, free pictures or free video. I dont care of you can go to PornHub and see free porn. Congrats you support stolen content, you are such a winner in the game of life. Dont come on cam sites with your broke ass and try to beg for freebies. Your financial situation isnt our problem and you came on a PAID site. So either pay up or get the fuck off the site. I have no idea why you think being a freeloader will get you anything online. Do you beg at StarBucks too? Pretty sure they wont give you free anything either. Does begging make your bill go away? NO!!!! So I’m not sure why you think you have the right to be a dick to any of us in the adult industry. All of us are hot until we say no to your begging, than we are the ugliest cunts known to man. You sir are the ugly cunt with that kind of attitude.

In closing, dont join a site you cant afford. Dont think people owe you freebies, dont turn into a dick when being a beggar doesnt work, do get your head out of your ass and pay up. Porn is a legit, legal BUSINESS. To stay in business they need to earn money, so pay up like an adult and cut the shit.